Wuthering Height by Emily Bronte

WUTHERING HEIGHT BOOK is a novel by Emily Bronte. It was written between 1845 and 1846. this novel is written in the Victorian period. wuthering height summary shows the differences between the two families.


Wuthering Height’s summary begins with a man named Mr. Lockwood who has come to live at a place called Thrushcross Grange. The landlord of Mr. Lockwood is named Mr. Heathcliff and lives in a nearby Wuthering Height.

Mr. Lockwood visits twice before going to that place. When the first time he meets Heathcliff, he treats her badly and goes to meet him the second time, then his dogs attack him. So now Lockwood tries to go from that place. Then he feels that he is possessed by ghosts.

Now Lockwood tells his servant Nelly that he needs to know about all the things in this house. And now Nelly tells him all the things that are…

A long time ago two families lived here




The family was headed by Earnshaw who owned the Wuthering Height. It had two children, a boy, and a girl

Boy’s name:- Hindley

girl’s name:- Catherine

Apart from this, Earnshaw also adopted a child named Heathcliff. But Hindley hated him. His father and his sister loved him the most.

When Earnshaw finds this, he sends Hindley to fall away from him. And on the other side, Katherine and Heathcliff, so while living together, become close to each other and fall in love with them.


After a few days, the death of Earnshaw goes on. Now Hindley comes back. And she is also married. He comes and takes possession of all the property and the Wuthering Height.

Hindley hates Heathcliff even after so many years. And he also gives up his studies and treats him like a servant


A few days later the wife of Hindley becomes pregnant and dies giving birth to a child. And that child was named Hareton.

Now Hindley becomes even freer. He lives his life in his way. He plays alcohol and gambling daily. And treats Heathcliff even worse.



This family consists of the richest families there. The family is headed by Clinton and also has two children, a boy, and a girl.

Boy’s Name:- Edgar

Girl’s Name:- Isabella


Catherine and Heathcliff are now more interested in the Clinton family. Katherine now lives closer to Edgar. But despite all this, she likes Heathcliff more.

When she is talking to Nellie about how she cannot marry him, her brother treats her badly.

Now Heathcliff is listening to all these things and he feels bad about it and he leaves the Wuthering Height. Katherine is left alone and she marries Edgar.


After some time, Heathcliff returns. But this time he has become very rich. But now it is hot. And he just has to take revenge. Catherine is overjoyed by Heathcliff’s return. And even after her husband refuses, she goes to meet him.

Now Heathcliff returns to Wuthering Height first. Now Hindley respects him more than before and he starts living.


Now Catherine speaks to Heathcliff, Isabella likes you. But somewhere they both still love each other and the two hugs each other, then Edgar sees her and feels bad.

Now he tells Catherine to choose either of the two. She gets annoyed by this and closes herself in a room. She does not eat anything for three days and her health worsens.


The same night Heathcliff runs away with Isabella and marries her. When Edgar comes to know all these things, he breaks all the ways with his sister. Now Heathcliff behaves badly with Isabella, causing her to flee to London.

Katherine, on the other hand, recovers after two months and is also pregnant. She gives birth to a baby girl named Kathy in a few days. And then she dies. She is buried where she played in childhood.


Now Hindley too has taken a lot of debt from Heathcliff. And in exchange for that, he takes over Wuthering Height and becomes his master. Now he treats him the same way Hindley used to treat him.


Now Kathy grows up. And when Lockwood leaves that place and comes back for 6 months, he learns that Kathy and Hareton love each other. And Heathcliff is dead and buried on the other side of Catherine.

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