TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD BOOK is told from a point of view of a 6-year-old girl. The story takes place in Maycomb, Alabama. The girl’s name was SCOUT FINCH. Scout lives with her father and brother. The scout’s father is a lawyer, and the mother has passed away.





PAGES- 281


Despite being a good lawyer, his income is very useful. And the work has to be done for a long time. He worked hard all day for his family.

This is a time when there was discrimination between white and black people. And a black maid works in their house, which everyone considers a part of their family.

It is a matter of when the two children are playing in front of the house, And at the same time, they see their neighbor where a boy named Dail is coming for his summer vacation. In a few days, they all become friends among themselves. A person named Radley lived near his house.

who has a brother named Arthur Radley, but the children are very afraid of him. Because those people believed that they would kill and eat any animal. But it was an affidavit.


One day the older brother of that girl dares to come back to her house with a hand, but at that time the girl feels that someone is watching them from behind the curtains.

Summer vacation is over. And just like this time passes, and the warmth comes back. In those days the children thought of doing the same thing again, but this time Radley shot on them. And when the children start running, the boy’s paint comes in the wire, which he removes and runs away. But because the paint is expensive, he goes back to it and finds him folding and darning his paint there.

Now winter comes. And one day there is a fire in her neighbor’s house, which the girl is watching. Then suddenly someone comes there and goes with a blanket on that girl’s shoulder. but he realizes who must have kept this blanket.

A few days later his father gets a case, named Tom Robinson, he raps of a girl, a white man’s girl. And after taking that case, He and his family face many troubles. In this condition, the maid supports his family. And keeps those children away from those problems.

On the day of the hearing of the case, a large crowd stands outside the court, even those two children are also there. The boy is convinced that his father will win the case but it does not happen. He loses Tom Robinson’s case, and he is sent to Jail. A few days later he runs away from prison and is killed


The fathers of those children tell them that Mockingbird should not be killed because she does not harm anyone, just recites sweet songs for us.

ยท Do not kill the mockingbird means that the Innocent people should not be disturbed

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