The Richest Man In Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon Book is the most powerful’ book to earn money and save money. This book tells us that 8000 years ago, people had learned the art of making money. It teaches us how we can become rich by making a small start.

About Babylon

Babylon was a small city that was inhabited 4000 years ago. The people here did not write much, yet they had learned a lot. People here had learned to write on tablets made of clay. And later, he used to cook them on fire and store them.

Later, because of those tablets, it was found out how civilization was and how it slowly ended.


PAGES:- 152


The Great Babylonian walls were a symbol of her pride as she protected her people from those outside invaders.

People here had built their own houses in which they lived. Whose remains have also turned into deserts?

The Biggest engineering project that took place in Babylon tells how much Sikh people had taken there. One of which was the linking of the rivers to another and, the other made the barren land fertile.

When Babylon was attacked

Babylon was attacked’ many times, but each time it was her. Because the walls of there always protected him.

Once challenged by a king, Babylon invaded first instead of stopping and was defeated in this attack. And everything changed after this attack. After this attack, Babylon was not the same.

The man who wished to make money

Once Bansir was sitting in the courtyard of his house. Then he got the idea to earn money. He thought of leaving his job unfinished and Earning money.

In the meantime, his friend came there and, he also told him all those things. Now he thought that his friend could help him ARKAD in this matter.


Arkad was a common man in Babylon. Even he had more wealth than the king. He was a soft-hearted person.


Arkad initially used to write on a tablet made of clay. He used to do his work with honesty and hard work.

He was earning money but could not save it. One day the Arkad got a huge contract but could not complete it.

When his master arrived there, he promised that he would complete the work by morning and also told him the reason for his trouble.

Then his boss said that he will teach you to earn money, but if you finish the job. After working hard, the Arkad prepares tablets made of clay by morning. His master comes in the morning when he is happy in return, He teaches him that.

”Keeping 10% of your earnings for yourself and spending it in the right job”


Arkad saves money for a year and thinks that it will take that money to do business. Arkad gives the money to a coal friend and asks him to buy and sell the jewelry. He talks about halving the profits from him.

When he tells this to the first person, then he says that you have lost all your money. He is a coal buyer who does not know about jewelry. Therefore, that person again gives the idea to use the right place for money next time.

Next time the Arkad uses the right place of that money and slowly spends the place of that money. In doing so, he becomes the richest’ person in Babylon.


When Bansir goes to the Arkad to get an opinion of earning money, Then he tells the opinion of that person that he will become rich only by saving more money and spending the right place.


Babylon was defeated’ in war. Now he was not the same. So the king called the Arkad and said that you teach the Babylonians the art of learning money.

The Arkad accepts the king’s point from, here the Babylonian riches begin.

Arkad started his classes where he was taught, the art of making rich. Arkad had made five rules in its class which were to be used’ at the right time.

1. Start thickening your wallet.

Always get 10% of your earnings for yourself.

2. Keep control of your expenses.

Always work on your Expenses in the beginning so that you can save more.

3. Increase your gold.

Control expenses and always save and keep them for the right time.

4. Protect your treasure from harm.

Always save it until the remaining money is plentiful.

5. Put your savings in the right investment.

Invest in the right time and right things so that the money you save can come in handy later.

STORY NO. 1 – Farmer and his deposits

When a child was born to a farmer, he gave three coins to a lender. When he went to her after a few years, he changed the coins to 21 coins, but then he did not need them, so he did not release them.

But when his son was 50 years old, he got 168 silver coins.


Arkad told’ that he knew a cobble. He used to deposit two stick sticks with the lender every week for six years. After four years, the value of those coins became 60 SILVER coins’ then he withdrew the money.

Arkad told him that he would have stayed for 12 years, then he would have got 4000 SILVER coins and used to work in his old age.

MORAL:- We should not lose money by hurrying and seeing the profit. We should work on it by taking full information about it.


When the buyer of an animal came and went to sell his sheep. A person found him. He wanted to sell his sheep and go home early because his wife was very sick.

So he was selling his 900 sheep at half price. But the buyer did not agree and asked him to stay till morning. When it was morning, he sold the same sheep at a higher price and, the buyer had to bear the loss.

MORAL:- Somethings should be purchased, at the right time.

STORY NO. 4 – Sometimes, your advice may weigh on you

A farmer could understand the simple language of animals. Therefore, he understood the talk of Bull and Donkey. When the Donkey sees the bull working so much, why do you work so hard? Why don’t you relax like me?

Then that Donkey tells him to pretend to be sick when your boss calls for plowing the field. So that you can relax. This happened the next day. Then the owner thought why not plow the field with the Donkey. Now he is tired of working all day. He gets the speed of his own.

Now the Donkey found a way to avoid it and said to the Bull that I have heard the farmer talking to the butcher that you can no longer work so’ he will sell you and the cache will kill you.

After that, the Bull gets scared and starts doing his work properly, After that, he never spoke to each other.


1. Like the law of gravity, this law of money is also universal.

2. Success advice means results from our efforts and ability.

3. Good preparation is the key to our financial success.

4. Our thinking cannot be more sensitive than ours.

5. A person can achieve great success with few available resources.

6. We don’t know the happiness that comes from money. We only have dreams of them.

7. Maybe we can learn a secret from people who know.

8. It costs nothing to consult a good friend.

9. I have to save a part of my earnings for myself and, I have to do likewise.

10. You cannot criticize a person for his Success’ because he knows how to succeed.

11. All humans are full of desire more than abilities.

12. Wishes are born only when they are expected to be fulfilled. Your wishes are many, but only a few can be fulfilled’ in them.

13. There are many ways in which a man provides his future security.

14. It is necessary to have desires before success. You have to be strong’ and clear.

15. As a person becomes proficient in the ability to ask, his earning capacity increases.

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