THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND novel is written by JOSEPH MURPHY. This book teaches us how our Sub-Conscious brain affects our work in our day. When you understand the ways of doing any work with a conscious mind. Then you can overcome any of your fears. these books take you to the positive world


Joseph Murphy says that if you are in an ocean and see an iceberg floating. But you can only see the upper parts of it. Because most of that iceberg is hidden underwater. You cannot see that hidden part. You will only be able to see its upper part.


Our conscious mind makes us aware of anything happening. This is the part facing us. Which we see in front of our eyes. And on the other side is your subconscious mind. Which you don’t see. We do not have to be aware of this part.


You should handle your subconscious mind, make it work in its way. We should replace this part of our brain with good things.

· We should think of good things for a person who does not like us. Our brain will automatically start thinking well, and you will not have any problem with that person.

· Always a doctor should think with a patient with a conscious mind. Only then will you be able to treat the patient properly.

· A person working in a company should always listen to good things about the boss. Then will he be able to do his job well?

And will be able to concentrate on that work.


· You can change your subconscious with a conscious mind and doing some work again and again.

· Doing any work again and again with the conscious mind is an easy way to learn anything.


There is an Australian boy. He had dreamed of making a surgeon since childhood. But he did not have much money to fulfill this dream. He had written the dream of making a surgeon on his wall. While sleeping, he always thought about the things that a surgeon does. One day this boy was seen by a doctor who was known to him. The doctor placed him to look after the medical instrument and also paid for his medical tuition.


You can learn from this story how conscious is effective and how effective it can be in your life.

· Always think about the good things and start working on them.

· Your conscious mind reduces the bad thoughts running in your mind.


When you find someone in front of you better than you, then your mind falls under a bad influence. Your mind becomes sub-conscious at that time. You slowly fall into negative thinking and think about those things, why I don’t have those things that he has. You are always increasing your negative thinking. At that time our positive thinking collapses and we cannot get out of it.


Whenever the person in front of you talks about this method, then you will have to ignore it, only then you can avoid all those things. When you ignore that person, then you enlarge your positive thinking and also find a new way to be happy.


· You can always get everything you want to achieve by increasing your thinking power.

· You can always move forward by mixing positive affords with your positive energy. This is the easy way to proceed.



The author says that he knew a person who wanted to become a pharmacist. He always dreamed of being a pharmacist. He always saw himself giving medicine to another. A few days later he got a job in a good pharmacist company. Now he started working diligently and he was passionate about that less. In a few years, he made so much money and opened a new company.


· Working on your passion and ambition is the right way to get your dreams.

· This is the right way to change the subconscious mind.

FACTS:-Human spends 1/3 of his life in sleep only.


Meditation is very important to achieve a successful life. It helps to push you forward. This gives you relaxation and an opportunity to pursue positive thinking.


There is a girl who lives in LA. He gets a good job in New York City, that too on double salary. She does not think that she should go or else she tells them that she will answer them in the morning. She comes home, and meditates at bedtime in the evening, and tells her mind what she should do in this situation. He wakes up in the morning and says that he should not do this job. And she refuses a job. And after a few days, her decision is proved correct. The factory is closed.


· Meditation helps you make the right decision.

· Meditation works on your Conscious brain and helps you make the right decision.

QUOTE of the power of your subconscious mind:-

1. The physician clothes the wound, however, God heals it.

2. There is no virtue in poverty.

3. Know that in your deeper thought are Infinite Intelligence and Infinite Power.

4. you stay devoted to your psychological perspective, your prayer will likely be answered.

5. age has its glory, magnificence, and knowledge that belong to it.

6. The sole path by which one other individual can upset you is through your thought.

7. Busy your thoughts with the ideas of well-being, health, peace, and goodwill, and wonders will occur in your life.

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    Recommending this book to all those who are experiencing a rough patch in their lives and this book help us to see positive things in a negative situation

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