THE POWER OF NOW a guide of spiritual enlightenment book is written by ECKHART TOLLE. THE POWER OF NOW book teaches us how we should live in the present except past and future. We should enjoy every moment today. 

This book has been translated into more than 33 languages ​​and has sold over 3 million so far. So let’s move towards a new journey from which we will learn how to fully enjoy our today.


We have lived past and living in the past is of no use. There is nothing left to reside and do. And to make the future one has to correct the present and live in In The Now.


All our life depends on the present moment

We are always living in the past and future, at one time we are regressing and after a while, we are thinking about the future.

We forget today, which is very important for us, based on which we are going to build the future.


If we gather 100 people and ask them to tell about any two experiences that you think of every day, then they will be answered.

. Live in the past forever

. Always thinking about the future

What you are calling past is present and part of reality. Whenever you are thinking about someone in a present, you get a strong feeling about it and your senses react to it. And he slowly pulls you in his way and you start thinking of past things.

In the same way, the future is not dead, which has not come yet. Future is also be made up of current.


11 points according to the power of now:-

1. The need to be present in the now.

2. The inner body.

3. The state of presence.

4. Consciousness.

6. You are not your mind.

7. Moving deeply into now.

8. Now is the key to spirituality.

9. Observing and listening to the mind as you would a third party.

10. Powerful thought.

11. On relationship as a spiritual practice.


Eckhart Tolle’s early life was full of difficulties even he had to suffer from Serious Depression too. One day while he was lying on his bed, he thought of changing himself. And they started asking themselves questions. Then he accepted, now he will stop living in the past and will not think about the future at all. And slowly, he started living in today. And slowly their life got better.

How can a situation be effective:-

If a person annoys you and you are angry at him. At that time, your body controls your anger. And your body control controls your thinking ability. And it slowly leads you to more pain.

Most of the anger is created by itself and it comes from itself. It is made by itself, so you can also finish it.

Our whole life is a series of present situation:-

If we add all the present situations, then our future is formed.

Your body knows how to think about all these situations and how to react. And she will always show you the right path too.

If you want a painless, then in that situation you will have to think out of your mind. You will have to focus on your body experiences. And you will find the right path.


When you are angry, your ego becomes part of your body. And let him dominate himself. Then you feel even sadder.

You should always keep asking yourself in this situation what to do next so that your brain will have time to think and understand. And you will be able to do that work better.


Ego is a part of your engagement that prevents you from being happy. However, no human wants to remain unhappy. It is a part of your brain. Which takes possession of your emotions. Because most people do not know how to control it.

Many times, we make a situation bigger and later on explain why we did it in that situation at that time.

Your ego represents your grief and when you can continue it. So it works for your pleasure. And it takes you to those parts of life where you had to face bad situations.

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  1. Sreerenjini says:

    Really this book change the negative thoughts of an individual ,I really loved this book ,all must read this book.

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