The Power of Habit is the best book to make and replace the Habit. This book tells us how we can achieve big things by making small habits. Our habits gradually change and become a part of our lives.


To create a new Habit, we have to start. This book tells us about those things. It is always important to keep 3 things in mind to make a Habit.

1. Beginning

2. Apply

3. The prize


STORY 1:- How Lisa Allen Gets New Life By Adopting Habit.

When Lisa Allen was asked how he made so many changes in her life. Then Lisa told that it started with their vacation. Before that, Lisa had been charged with 10,000 dollars. Slowly, loan seekers started harassing her.

A few days later, the cigarette was so used to Lisa that she was once burning a pen instead of a cigarette. And later she realized with smoke this is not a cigarette this is a pen.

Lisa then decided that she would give up cigarettes from today onwards and she did the same. Slowly everything kept on normal. And she also paid off all his debts. And after a few days, her health also completely subsided.


Lisa always felt that this change was due to vacation. But when the doctor researched this matter, it was found out that it was all due to habit. Ever since Lisa changed her habits, she has become successful.


When Charles Duhig worked in a newspaper in Baghdad. Then he met with mazor. Who got the riots stopped by a small thing.

When he once saw that the reason for those riots was that of Kabab sellar. So he immediately reported his removal and got the approval.

Now when it was time for the riot to happen again, the Major was already alert but this time nothing like this happened. Because everyone went to their home when everyone was hungry.

Because he was not a kebab this time. Due to this small change, he stopped having riots.


When Yuzin got a fever one evening, he was taken to the hospital. When he arrived, he came to know that his fever had reached his mind. Yuzin’s basal ganglia had been damaged due to a fever in the brain.

Basal Ganglia helps to remember anything, but this part of Yuzin was spoiled. Now slowly, yuzin used to forget his words., He used to repeat everything again and again.

When the scientist finds out how he can remember these things even after losing the Basal ganglia. Then their research showed that it was happening due to habit. Even though he forgot some things and despite not remembering anything, his habit helped him to do his work.


Scientists had researched Yuzin for many years. Even many habits had changed. He used to do his work because of his habit, whether he remembered it or not. Yuzin had helped scientists for many years to see how the Habit worked. But yuzin never came to know about this.


Alcoholics Anonymous is the best example for Habit Change, it has freed more than 10M people from bad habits. It produces its self and a new habit. Which eliminates bad habits.

The main purpose of alcoholic anonymous is to always change old habits and adopt new habits.

The power of habit


Rosa Parks was a simple woman who used to spend her time working with her household chores and helping the rest of the people. At that time there was discrimination between black and white people. Rosa always helped the people, so she always got respect from the people.

At that time, the buses in Montgomery used to have seats fixed for white and black people. Even then, the driver and conductor always let the white people sit in more seats.

When Rosa was traveling on a bus one day and the bus was fully loaded. In which three white people stood. Then asked 3 black people in the driver to get up, then the other 2 people got up with Roza, but Roza did not arise.

When Rosa did not get up from her seat even after forcing the driver, the bus conductor called the police, and Rosa was arrested.

When the news of Roza going to jail spread, people boycotted Montagomery buses. Gradually this movement grew and spread to the surrounding areas, eventually, a large protest was born and this protest lasted for many years.

MORAL:– How Rosa Park made a small debut and got the people together. The small decision by Rosa Park made life easier for everyone and ended the discrimination that had been there for many years.


Enzi was a simple woman. He was married at an early age. Some years later she gave birth to a boy. Everything went on well for some time. But after some years, she felt that she had nothing else to do. Enji’s husband and child did not have any work after going to school.

When Engi started getting upset at home, she started going to the casino (there was no ban on casinos at that time). She kept losing and learning for a few months but after a few months she started to understand this game well and now she was fast in this game. Slowly started earning money.

Engi liked the casino more because he got into her habit. She used to get pleasure by going to the casino. At times Engi used to win a lot of money and sometimes she lost.

Now going to the casino came in Engi’s habit. And she started going every day, due to which she made a huge claim one day and she lost. Now sht has loaned 10,000 dollars.


Engi could not give the casino the money, so she filed a case against the casinos and implicated them. After a few months, she won the case and her debt was forgiven. She then decides that she will never go to the casino now. A few years later, Engi’s parents died and they left 10 Lac Dollars for her.

A few days later, Enji goes to live with his family. Now, in the new city, they call Enji again with the casino and she leaves. The casino is near his house, so his old habit returns.

It goes on like this for a few months. And she again makes a big claim one day and loses all her money and gets loaned on it again. When she files a case for the second time, she loses and is sent to jail.

MORAL:- The new habit always starts slowly and gets used. Engi started going to the casino and slowly got it. A new Habit was born when she left him. But when she came back to live with the casino, her old habit came back again.



Tony Dangi became the coach of the Buccaneers team in 1996. Buccaneer’s team was not very good in the match. The team had lost all match till now. The players of Buccaneers used to pray but they were not getting success. People had given up hope of winning from this team.

When Tony found out why team hadn’t won the match, some of the reasons were:-

  1. The players had given up hope that they could ever win.

2. Other people were not much interested in this game.

3.There was a lack of discipline in the team’s players.

These were the excuses that Tony had heard before. So Tony focused on ignoring Kia and some new Habits. Tony started his work the very next morning. Tony slowly started making new habits in the players. And teach all the values ​​that are in a winning team.

Tony took great care of the player’s facilities. Changes were also made for the players to sleep there. After a few months of practice, when the team reached the ground, the players were nervous. But Tony was sure of himself. And finally, they win the match. And this team also reaches the playoff in 2000–01.

MORAL:- We can get everything we want to get by adopting a new habit instead of an old Habit. The Buccaneers team is also a great example of the new Habits.


  1. It is the desire that creates a loop of habits.
  2. The brain can make defeat a reaction as it gives rest to the rest of the brain.
  3. Pray for those who use hatred towards you.
  4. All you need to do is to develop the values ​​inside you.

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