THE ONE THING Answer To Everything

The One Thing is one of those selected books that closely harmonize everything. Which closely understands all those things which we could never understand correctly. The one thing reviews tell us to do only those things. which, are necessary for us today and the same things help us in making our future.


AUTHOR:- Gary keller and Jay Papasan

The One Thing’ is written by Gary Kelleher and J Papasan. It will be seen in the Hindi title with the one thing Asadhran Kamyabi ki Aasan Rah. Simply put, it is one of the best books that you can read and know what you can do to achieve success.

This book can change your area of your life.

I always felt that to make a success, it is necessary to do all the things outside. But this is not true. If I have to start today, I have to know which is a work which is very important for me today.

I have to one focusing question on one thing’ every day and know how to become an expert in that thing’ I have to choose one thing’ a day. Because only with small things can we succeed.


We have to start every day with small things and have to place our first domino. When we do such work every day, then it will become our Habit. And while doing this, we will keep our oldest one domino.

When you look back, you will find that you have made a big line of your dominoes. When you keep your oldest domino, you will know that you have achieved extraordinary success.

More time is the key to success. Success is achieved sequentially. Working on one thing at a time leads to success.


Question:- What is one thing for Albert Einstein?

Answer:- Albert Einstein’s life change was his teacher. Who taught math, science, and other things to Einstein for ten years. When Einstein was young, he used to call it food at the Guru’s house for one day a week for six-year goal.

FACT:– One thing is visible in the life of success because there is a simple truth behind success.

One thing resides in the heart of success list a list and, the same proposes to achieve extraordinary results.

The things that keep us from success

Many things keep us away from success and, we live in confusion as if by doing this, we can be successful.

Between you and your success:-

1. Everything has equal importance.

2. Disciplined life is necessary.

3. Do many things at once.

4. Dreaming big is bad

5. Will power is dependent on your voice.

Everything is of equal importance.

We always feel that what we have been taught means the same. Slowly it turns into our Habit. And we all understand things equally, but this is not the case in reality. Because no matter how talented two people are, their talent is not the same.

Always make a list of your work.

Many times we make our list of works. But we are unable to decide which work is more important for us and we start doing all the things on that list. But this is not the right way. We have to find our Important work today. And when we get it, we have to see the next day, the week and the month. This shows that which is the most important work for today’s day.


Juran’s law(80/20 principle):-

We have found in many books that 20% of our work is more important than the remaining 80%. But we are always trying to finish 80% of the work. And we do not time blocking to do the necessary work.

Juran had understood us long ago that we should focus more on 20% work. Because it is the work that helps us in achieving the right place in our life. 20% of what you get from your success comes from work.

If we go into more detail, we can do more work for 20% of our work and, we can get success only by choosing one work.


Separating two things means walking two paths at the same time. With this, we are not able to do any work properly.

We are always told that multi-tasking is a great option. But this is correct. Weak our minds here. And our price decreases.

Doing one thing at a time is the right choice.


Success is indeed a small race. Which can be used to make discipline a habit of advancing and achieving success by fueling discipline.

We are always explained that disciplined life is the only way to achieve success. But this is not true. Less discipline can also give you the right path to success. Because success cannot be achieved by correcting everything. You have to do the most important work correctly. And for this, you do not need a disciplined life.


Michael Phelps did not give his discipline a chance to make great ways. He emphasized his habit and adopted the habit. Because of which Phelps’s name is known in the great swimmers.

When you do the right thing, then this work keeps you out of trouble by keeping an eye on every task.


We do not remember our daily work and do not even need to remember them. Because all of that work is in our habit, so your mind activates your habit at that particular time and, you can do that work easily.


It takes 66 days to adopt each new Habit. A more new habit can be changed in 66 days. We adopt new habits in place of our old habits.

Adopting the new Habit does not mean that we end our old habits completely.

Looks better than the person with the right habits. They are doing ones of the most important things regularly, which makes everything easy for them.


Your self-power contributes a lot to your success. Our self-strength strengthens our intentions and helps us find the way to success.

Our self-power helps us find the work that is most important to us.

A balanced life:-

A balanced life is necessary to achieve our success. this is not right. Whenever we are doing more than two things at once, it is not easy to find balance. We get into two things.

We are always entangled in two tasks, so we cannot do any work properly. So we should do one thing at a time so that we can do the work in the best way.

For improper results, it is necessary to do some work or leave without doing it, but you cannot leave everything incomplete and this balance is useful.

Big is always bad

We choose the big path only once. In which we feel that we have chosen the right direction. But this is not the same. We are at a disadvantage by walking on a large road. So always choose a shorter route and follow it.

When we walk on small paths, all of them will become big one’s day.

 A big opportunity is better than a small opportunity, but a small problem is better than a big one.

Whenever we start our journey, we do not know what it is like to walk. But by starting with a small journey, we can reach where we want to reach.

Big thinking

Any work or place we want to achieve always starts with big thinking.

We all have the same time.


We should always pay attention to the questions that enhance our spirits. We should ask ourselves as many questions as possible. So that we have the best options at all times.

It is also an art to focus attention on the most important thing by diverting attention away from wasteful things.


It is important to focus on one thing in our life. Any person who wants to do something beyond the rest of the people constantly tries and finally one day, he understands that focus is the only thing from which he can get everything.

Always try to find a good question because a big question brings a big answer. And extraordinary results require a big answer.

Exceptional results:-

We can achieve great success by following small and small routes. We just have to start one.

If we make our aim and priority, then we increase our productivity. But our motives and priorities are not visible to us. But we see the benefits from them.

Only one productive person sets up large enterprises at a time.

The purpose:-

Our purpose is the way forward for us. So we always have to stand on the right motive for extraordinary success.

Who we are and want to be told depends on what we do and what we earn.


Once a king was confronted by a Beggar. Then that king ate from that hunger what you want. Then the beggar told him that he cannot give him anything the king feels very bad about this.

That king pours money into that beggar’s bowl. But that bowl remains empty. Now the matter comes to the king’s pride, Now he puts all his kingdom in that bowl. But still, that bowl remains empty.

When that king gets tired and finally gives up. The king wanted to know from the beggar why it remains empty every time.

Then that beggar speaks to that king, this bowl can never be filled because it is made by human desires.


Our happiness comes from inside us. Dr. Martin Saligram, former president of American Physiology, says that our happiness consists of 5 things.

1. Positivity

2. feeling

3. Happiness

4. relations

5. Compatibility and meaning

Financially competent people are those who have money, but they do not have to work for any purpose in life.


Instead of always achieving a big target at once, start with a small target. This will help you reach better targets.

What is that one of my things?

You will have to give birth to one thing which is most important to you. While doing this you will one day have your biggest domino. Just you have to focus on one thing at a time.

Three options:-

1. Master your subject.

2. Bigger than me

3. Live according to the cycle of accountability.

I and I and older

The way to achieve mastery in any task is not only determined by giving your best but it is also decided, by choosing the best way to do that work. It combines both.

Highly successful people have a clear opinion about their role in the events of their lives.


1. Feeling disrespectful in saying no.

2. Fear of spreading malaise.

3. Your environment does not support your goal setting.

No one succeeds and unsuccessful alone. Pay attention to the people around you.


  1. You should do, some things for more effect, not many things for work effect.
  2. No one succeeds alone, no one can.
  3. The things of most importance do not always appear to be making noise.
  4. Big experience makes you big too.
  5. Who we are and want to be told depends on what we do and what we earn.
  6. Save an hour every week to review your monthly and annual goals.
  7. You do not know what is the key to success, but the key to failure is to try to make everyone happy.
  8. When you argue about your boundaries, it means you want to keep them.
  9. When you commit to giving something for your one thing every day, then, in the end, extraordinary results come.
  10. Whenever you claim over time, you may never win this claim.

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