THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI is an inspiring story. This story tells you how your thinking improves your life. The hero of this story is Julian Mantle, who is a very rich and good and professional lawyer.
THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERRARI is an imaginary story by Julian Mantle, who made everyone happy with his thinking. Famous, a graduate from Haward University, was a good salaryman and a living in the big house. And a red-colored Ferrari used to stand outside his house.


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In a way, If he was living his dreams, it was his image. The truth was that he was struggling in his real life, his work is not being handled by him. Every day he had a new case. He used to take every case seriously, so he was increasing his stress due to this. Due to which he suffered a heart attack and fell in the court itself.

He never went back to court after this incident and came to India in a quiet life. Before coming to India, he sold his Ferrari and house, because he believed that it is necessary to find the meaning of life.

On coming to India, he was roaming around from one village to another. He was looking for some sadhus and yogis like Lord Buddha. And this new discovery inspired him to go to the Himalayas and finally, he found what he had come to seek.

The monk said that he will teach him all on the same condition that he will go back to the place where he has come and will spread those things. And this was the reason that after joining ”Shivana” came back to work.

Shivana system has 7 basic qualities:-

1.Control your mind, let only good thoughts come in.
2.Boost your concentration.
3.Complete your purpose.
4.Try your new behavior continuously for 21 days.
5.Enjoy your process.

7.Learn something new in your whole life.


You are sitting in a very beautiful garden which smells of flowers and sounds of birds and hardly you have ever seen such a garden before. And in the middle of this garden, there is a white house which is very high, this lighthouse is seen differently in the whole garden. And right below this lighthouse, you hear the sound of opening the door, out of which Japanese sumo comes out.

He is very fat in appearance, is not wearing even clothes, and is wearing pink color Mawashi made of wire cables. He is coming towards you, but in the middle, he is seen lying with a gold watch which he picks up and wears. And suddenly he becomes unconscious. When you look at this man and see if he is alright, he wakes up.


Then you find out the reason for the smell of yellow color flowers that were around him
Sumo is happy to see a lot of flowers and new energy comes into it. And then he sees a road in front of him, a road filled with lots of diamonds. And he gets a voice from his heart that he has to go on the same path. Same time you also know that you also have to go on the same road. This is the story told in Yogi Ramanand to Julian.

The Garden is a symbol of positive energy.
Control your brain and take care of it like a gardener.
Lighthouse is your biggest goal.
Sumo wrestler is for continuous improvement.
Pink Mawashi has represented boundaries.
watch remind us to respect time.
flowers represent kindness.
Live in the present moment.

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