This book tells about the love that could never be fulfilled. The Girl in Room 105 book is one of the finest books written by Chetan Bhagat. When you start studying once like this, then you will not be able to live without completing it completely.

The hero of this group is Keshav. He falls in love with Zara when he sees him for the first time. She was come to participate in a debate. When she puts her point in front of everyone, then Keshav cheers on her every time, only when Zara looks at Keshav. After the debate ends, both of them exchange their number and this is the beginning of their love.


Once Keshav takes Zara to visit his village, his father comes to know about him and he is against it. So he speaks them to go at the same time. They both leave immediately. And come to stay at Zara’s house.

When Zara tells her father that they both want to get married. Although his father agreed to the marriage, he has a condition that Keshav will have to change his religion. But Zara did not agree with this. This goes on for a few days, but no one agrees on anything, so both of them have to separate.


Keshav liked him and used to call him. But Zara used to respond to very few calls. Now Zara loved Raghu. Zara always wanted a family and after Keshav’s parents refused, he got the family from Raghu.

A few days later Zara had a birthday and Keshav wanted to talk to her.
But he did not call her, but on the same night, the message of Zara comes on Keshav’s mobile. Zara wanted to know the reason for not wishing her a birthday and she wanted to meet him. And then Keshav and his friends go out to meet him.

the girl in room 105


This is where the turning point of his life starts and everything changes after a few hours. When he reaches Zara’s room, So he goes to her bed and grabs her hand, and starts talking to her.

He does not get any response, then he checks her breath. Then Keshav realizes that she is dead.


Now both of them go tremble, they both think of running away. But Keshav thinks that if both of them run away then we will be guilty.
In this, they both call the police instead of running away, as well as informing all incident Zara’s parents. After a while, the police arrive, investigate a bit and arrest them both.

Both become the highlight of the media the next morning. This news is spread everywhere. Shortly after, Keshav’s father comes to the police station and released. Because their political power is very strong. For a few days, Keshav goes to his village.


When the police proceed with their investigation, Keshav and Saurabh are proved innocent and the guards at Zara’s hostel are convicted.
The police find out that he used to harass her and he had a fight with Zara a few days ago. Therefore, the police arrested the security guard.

Keshav does not believe this. So he approaches the guard to ask him.
But he says that he has not done anything. Both Keshav and Saurabh believe her words that he did not kill Zara, now both start asking in their own way because Keshav wanted to know who killed Zara.


He suspects the principal when both of them forward their investigation. Because they find out that he liked Zara. And he also used to bother her. But when he asks him, he proves to be innocent because he limbs with one leg so he cannot climb the tree and did not go to Zara’s room.

Now they both invatigate to Zara’s father and suspect him and they search Zara’s room. In which they get a drugs and a number one sim card of Pakistan. Which he keeps Zara’s father with him without telling him and brings him home.

Keshav calls that number when he goes home. He calls twice but does not get a reply. After a while a call comes to his number, he is Zara’s brother who lived in Srinagar. He joins the group of fanatics.
Keshav tells him about himself and asks zara’s brother to meet him.

Now he goes to Srinagar to meet him but he is also innocent. But he treated Zara as his mother.


Zara came to know about her brother, so she wanted him to leave the group of fanatics. But she did not refuse this, so she deliberately joined that group and found out about that group.

When she went to Pakistan with a bag of drugs. He later came to know that the bags contained drugs.

So she told this thing to Faiz. He was an army officer and when he came to know about Zara, he attacked Srinagar with his companions. He left Zara’s brother and killed everyone else. In return, he had given gold biscuits which he had kept in his house.

When Keshav and Saurabh were returning from Srinagar, they met Faiz. They talked for a while and he left both of them there. But he felt something wrong in Faiz talk. So both of them decided to investigate her house.


When both of them go to his house, they get those gold biscuits and they also get pregnancy kits and papers of divors. When he found out about this, he came to know that he wanted to get divorced from his wife and wanted to marry Zara. The pregnancy kit was for Zara, who he had brought to get the pregnancy test.

Raghu comes to know about this, Raghu has a lot of money out of which he gives half of it to Zara.

Now Keshav comes to know who killed Zara, so he wanted to know from the mouth of the criminal why he did this. He included Zara’s father in his plan. praying for Zara, to which Faiz and Raghu were also invited.


When Keshav summons everyone in a room and tells him that he knows who killed Zara. Then everyone is surprised when everyone asks who killed Zara, then Keshav tells that Zara was killed by Raghu. So everyone was surprised and he confessed this after some time.

Raghu does not want to take care of someone else’s child and Zara had half the property of Raghu, so he killed him. And then message Keshav. And when Keshav was about to arrive, he went out the window and he already booked a taxi because he was to be convicted when Keshav came to that room.

When Raghu finished his talk, Faiz said that she was not pregnant but it seemed to him. Then Raghu is surprised that he did not even know about this and he killed her.

Now Keshav speaks about Faiz. He betrayed the country. He sees that coin and he will show it to the army officer. Now everyone comes to know the truth. So Zara’s father called the police officer. And tells them about all things.

Now Keshav and Saurabh quit teaching in a coaching class and open their own detective company.

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