The fault in our stars by JOHN GREEN

The fault in our stars is a fiction book that teaches you how to survive under any circumstances. This book teaches us to be positive. In this, there is a girl named Hazel who is struggling with lung cancer. Hazel is always positive despite having lung cancer.

Author:- John Green


When Hazel lived alone in her house because of her cancer, her parents had reduced her schooling. That’s why she used to stay at home and read novels and watch TV. When Hazal stays like this all the time, then her parents start worrying a little. She is then made to join a cancer support group after a few days.

Hazel did not like going there, but she had joined that group for the happiness of her parents. But on the very first day of Hazel, two new friends are made. In which one is named Augustus and the other is named Issac. Augustus has cancer of the foot, which causes him to have a leg amputated. And second, Issac had eye cancer due to which she has lost one eye.

After joining cancer group:-

Hazel begins to like this new environment. And many of her become friends. Issac always told her about GF. Which is named Monica. Everything is going well for a few days, and on the other hand, Hazel’s friendship with Agustus is also growing.

One day Hazel was leaving the support group, she finds him and asks him to come to her house. Hazel’s mother hasn’t come to pick him up yet, so she tells him to go with her.

Augutus home:-

When Hazel and Augustus are going by car, augutus was driving because his driving is not very good. Augustus also confesses that he got a driving license because the person was his relative otherwise he would never get a license. Now after a while they both reach home.

When they arrive home, Augustus introduces Hazel to his parents. They like Hazel’s Behavior. Then they both go to the storeroom and watch TV.

The fault in our stars

An Imperial Efficiency

After some time Augustus reveals his hobbies. Hazel then reveals that she likes to read books and watches TV the rest of the time. She then tells about her favorite book, “An Imperial Efficiency”, whose story is incomplete. This book is written on a cancer patient whose story has never been written. And she wanted to know what happens to her after that. She gives the book to Augustus to read. After a while, her mother comes to pick her up and she leaves.

Now Augustus also wanted to read that book, so he sits down to read that book on the same night. Now he too wanted to know the end of that book and he meets Hazel and then tells him all these things. They email both to that writer and he replies after a few days. But he refuses to tell both of them the end of the story. Because he could not tell the end of the book via email.

Augutus’s wish

Now the writer emails back a few days later and tells Hazel that he can tell them what happens at the end of the story if he comes to them. And both of them accept this.

Now both of them wanted him to meet the writer but they had no way to meet him. Augustus then says that the support group can fulfill their wish. Then Hazel gets sad as she has already asked for the wish. Augustus becomes enraged by this, as Hazel lost her necessary wish to go to Disney World.
A few days later Ogutus forms a new plan and goes to the support group and asks for his wish that he wants to meet the writer with Hazel. And his wish is fulfilled.

When his wish is received then the check of both of them is found in which Hazel is found unfit. Therefore, he is given a refusal to go. And Augustus realizes that he too has returned cancer, but he does not tell this to Hazel.

To meet with writer

This goes on for a few days, but after a few days of effort, both of them get permission to go.
Hazel’s going alone makes her mother very nervous. So she talks to the support group to take her mother along. Because her caretaker should always be with her. Now everything gets done according to them. And they all get ready to go.

When they arrive at Writer’s City, he is accommodated in a hotel and she is to meet the writer the next day. Both get up early the next morning and reach the place where the writer is going to meet them. After a while, he comes and talks for a while but he does not tell about the end of the book. The only thing they both know is that the girl who is in that book is her daughter.

After some time

When both of them are said, Anne’s house is taken to show up. Hazel finds this house strange and thinks how Anne’s family must have been in this house. After some time both come to the hotel and leaves for his house.

When both of them come back to their house, their parents become very happy. The next morning Hazel and Augustus go to the support group and get their check made. He then learns that Issai has returned to eye cancer. And he has to undergo another operation because of which his other eye is also removed. He could not see but was fine now. After this, both of them get their check-up and come to their house.

At the same night:-

Augustus is taken to the hospital on the same night due to an emergency. Because his health worsens. He dies shortly after being taken to the operation theater. Hazel gets sad when she comes to know about this news in the morning.

Now on the same day, the funeral of Augustus takes place where his and Hazal’s parents have come. Hazel feels strange when he arrives because the writer has also come to the place with whom the two had gone to meet, she is surprised to see him.

A few days later Hazel goes to visit Augustus ‘parents’ house when she learns that he has written something for her, they do not know what she said.

Now Hazel goes to her ROOM and looks at her entire room and checks email but she finds nothing. She finds that letter for a few days, but she does not find it anywhere and she is not disturbed.

After a few days, she again meets the writer, then she realizes that the letter is with her. That writer says that Augustus told me to write how much he loves you.

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