REVOLUTION 2020 by Chetan Bhagat

Revolution 2020 Book is the best novel written about love and corruption. This book is written about three friends. The book talks about Gopal becoming a part of a corrupt system, Aarti’s simplicity, and Raghav’s always following the right path.


Revolution 2020 summary

Revolution 2020 story begins with the school of all three. When Gopal takes Aarti’s tiffin and she complains about it to her teacher and later she gets his punishment.

This angers him so he brings laddus for Aarti the next day. But she refuses to eat it. When Aarti asks Gopal why don’t you bring food, doesn’t your mother give you tiffin. Then he says that only his father is in his house, not his mother.

Aarti then tells him that he can take her tiffin but when it has cake then let it be for her. From here their friendship begins.


Raghav and Gopal are good friends since childhood and their father wanted them to join IIT. So when they grew up, and admittion to coaching class. Because of Gopal joining the coaching class, Aarti also took that admission even though she did not want to go to IIT.

After a few days, the IIT exams were held and the results came in which Raghav cleared the exam, and Gopal was left behind. Raghav had become a mini-celebrity on that day. Whereas Gopal’s father was angry with this. He wanted Gopal to clear the exam in any case.
Now Gopal’s father gets upset and he finally decides that he will send him to Kota. Gopala refuses that he cannot spend that much money and will do B.Sc from here itself. But his father does not agree and he sends him to study.


Now he goes to Kota and joins a coaching center. Initially, he studies well but after a few months, he falls behind. He is always with such boys who always drink alcohol, goes like this for a few days but one day he realizes that he is doing wrong. So he starts from his study and regains his class position after a few days.

On the other hand, Raghav and Aarti start liking each other. When Gopal comes to know about this, he feels bad and stops talking to her. But when Gopal’s birthday is for a few days, Aarti calls him, after that everything becomes normal.



After a few months, he gives the exam of IIT and comes back to his home. Aarti comes to pick him up. They are very happy to meet each other, some days pass like this, and Gopal’s result comes, then he comes to know that he has not passed.

Now Gopal’s father comes to know about the result. And he gets sad about this. He does not talk to her the whole night when Gopal goes to their room in the morning to find out that his father is now dead. Now he calls his relatives and performs his father’s funeral.


A few days later, he sets out to find his college when he meets an agent. The agent comes to know in talks that Gopal has a lot of land on the side of the road. Then he introduces her to his MLA. In this, that MLA sees his advantage and from here the story of Gopal’s change begins.

On the other hand, Raghav leaves IIt and becomes a generalist and Aarti gets a job in hotel.

Because of the MLA, Gopal starts building a college on his land and after three years of hard work, the college is ready. Aarti is very happy about this. But Raghav comes to know about the truth so he does not support her.


Once Raghav writes wrong in his newspaper about Gopal’s collage, then he tells this to the MLA and gets him fired. Yet Raghav does not agree here and publishes his newspaper. He works very hard on his newspaper and eventually that newspaper starts selling.

Gopal’s college:-

After some time Gopal’s college is inaugurated in which some people are going to come. Gopal was very happy, he has waited for this day for many years. But on the other hand, Raghav gathers some information and publishes it in his newspaper. Because of that news, some people who come to him refuse. Then Gopal gets his college inaugurated in someone else’s name.

Raghav’s office:-

Now MLA gets very angry with this and destroys Raghav’s office. Raghav’s office is completely broken, yet he keeps his newspaper running.

When Aarti starts liking Gopal

Now Gopal would have become successful. And due to not paying much attention to Raghav, she starts liking Gopal, he was very happy with all these things. Now he wanted to tell this to Raghav.

When Raghav goes to Gopal’s office after a few days, he sees that the office was completely broken. Gopal is very happy to see this, but when sees a boy nearby, he becomes sad. He thinks he was once like that too. After some time he meets Raghav but leaves without saying anything.


Here the MLA is arrested because of the news of the newspaper. So he tells Gopal to marry Aarti and become an MLA himself. Aarti’s grandfather was a politician and everyone respected her.

Here Mala has to be arrested because of the news of the newspaper. So he tells Gopal to marry Aarti and he becomes MLA. Because Aarti’s grandfather was a politician, due to this everyone respects him.

Gopal did not want to talk to MLA, so he did not want to make Aarti sad. So he calls some girls to his house and makes them sit near his bed. When Aarti sees all this she gets angry and leaves from there.

On the other hand, when Gopal meets Raghav, he gives him the opinion of MLA. Gopal tells him that this is the only way by which you can help people. Now he likes this and he marries Aarti and fights. And after marriage, Gopal never meets Aarti.

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