Raavan Enemy of Aryavarta (Ram Chandra Series-3)

Raavan Enemy of Aryavarta book written by Amish. He was born in the ashram of a sage. Raavan was intelligent from birth, and he always used to spend his time learning something new. When Raavan was nine years old, he learned surgery. He used to master everything meticulously. so he became intelligent at a young age

Raavan was a Naga by birth. That’s why his father did not like him much. But Raavan had managed to get his father’s love with his intelligence and manageable behavior.

Raavan book summary

After a few years, Raavan’s mother was about to give birth to another child. Then the sage had gone out, and when that child was born, he came to know that he is also a Naga. When the midwife was about to kill the child, and he deployed to protect him.

He was protecting the child with his sword. His maternal uncle Mareech came. Then Raavan tells them that he will not allow that child to kill. Then Mareech says that he does not want to kill the child, but he wants to save her. They leave the house with that child.


After escaping from the house, Raavan and his family hide for several days and look for a safe place. Then one day, a mother asks what should be the name of this child, only then Raavan speaks Kumbhakarna.

After a few months, they find a haven. They start living there. Now all the responsibility of the family falls on Raavan. That’s why he and Marich do the work of sailing the boat.

After a few months, Raavan is named the great sailor, and with this, he becomes an expert in smuggling and other things. That’s why everyone starts recognizing him, and as his name increases, his work also increases.

It goes on like this for a few years, and Raavan starts getting more work. Because of this, he needs a large ship. Meanwhile, he sees a big ship and starts working on it. Because of this, he becomes an even bigger smuggler.


Raavan lived in the sea and his ship for many months. This ship had become his favorite place. But when he came to your home, Kumbhakarna was very happy. Now he had grown up. Raavan loved her the most. So he takes it on his ship due to the insistence of Kumbhakarna. He then goes to his room where no one is allowed to come.

Kumbhakarma is pleased with the fact that he is the first person who came to his brother’s room and also comes to know where he keeps his smuggled goods.

There was a collection of many books in this room of Raavan. It was impossible to find the gin book anywhere else. Some musical instruments were kept there. Kumbhakarna’s most attention was drawn by the pictures that Raavan had made in his room.

Kumbhakarna asked in surprise who is this girl whose picture you have made. Then Raavan said that this is the girl he likes. Her name was Kanyakumari. Which Raavan had seen only once. Then Kumbhakarna said that he would find her one day.


Some years go by like this, and now Kumbhakarna also starts working with Raavan. Now due to the increase in the work of Raavan, he did not have any shortage of money. One day Raavan narrates about the Pushpak Vimana which used to fly in the sky. Now, this aircraft caught Raavan’s attention, and now he wanted to buy it.

Now he meets Rishi Vashist and tells him that he wants to buy that plane. When Vashist demands 50000 gold coins from him, Raavan immediately agrees to it. When Raavan agrees immediately, Mareech tells him that he will bring so much money from where he has thought everything as soon as Raavan speaks.

Now a few months they all plan to loot a palace situated on a mountain. Where there is a lot of treasure. They do the whole planning.


When Raavan and his companions are come back to their ship after looting the palace, they are attacked with arrows. But he stands still in his place. Because in that places he sees Kanyakumari.

Kumbhakarna explains to his brother and tells him that one day he will find him again, and will introduce him to Kanyakumari.


Everything goes well for a few years, that Pushpak Vimana takes crores. After that, Kumbhakarna sets out in search of Kanyakumari, and he finds her one by one in a village. Then he tells this to Raavan. He gets happy hearing this and leaves to meet her.

Raavan and Kumbhakarna reach that village with some of their armies. There both live as businessmen, but Raavan is not able to dare enough to talk to him. That’s why he always keeps watching her hiding from the trees.

Few days pass, and finally, one day dares to talk to her. Then she learns that she has changed her name to Vedavati. She is also married, and after a few months, she is going to become a mother.

Raavan had changed after the meeting of Vedavati, and he had stopped doing evil deeds because of Vedavati. Kumbhakarna was very happy about this. Therefore Raavan was going to go to Lanka after a few days. Then he gave some money to Vedavati so that she could help some of her people.


When Raavan had left from there, after some time he got the news that someone had killed Vedavati. Then Raavan comes there again and sees that both Vedavati and her husband are dead and that her child has already been thrown out of her womb by someone.

When Raavan tries, he finds the person who killed both of them. So he beats them badly and beheads them. Later leaves their bodies for the animals to eat.

After some time Raavan ceremoniously cremates the body of Vedavati and her husband and sits on the same for some time. After some time, when he looks back at that place, he finds the skeletons of Vedavati’s fingers, which he puts in a garland and wears around his neck.


Now Raavan wanted to become the king of Lanka. So he leaves for Lanka and makes them happy with his work, for a few months everything goes well.

One day Kubera receives a decree from King Dasharatha that he has not yet repaid his debt. Then they meet. In which Raavan is also there, seeing the fingers around his neck, gets scared and when he speaks loudly, declares war.

King Dasharatha is furious, but on the other hand, Raavan’s trick succeeds. Despite Raavan having fewer soldiers, he trusts his strategy and wins during the war.

END OF THE Raavan Enemy of Aryavarta book

In a few years, his dream comes true. He becomes the king of Lanka. But on the other hand, Raavan and Kumbhakarna need medicine to survive. Whose price is high.

So he plans to kidnap Sita so that she can ask for medicine in return for Sita. Now he goes with both and some soldiers to the forest where Sita is staying.

He waits for a while and kidnaps Sita. Raavan has never seen Sita before. That’s why when he sees Sita, he gets surprised because she is the daughter of Vedavati.

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