Mini Habits teaches us how we can achieve big things from small things. How can we improve our habits and learn how to change our habits. Our mini habits teach us to walk from zero so that we can be closer to our dreams.




PUBLISHED-November 29, 2016

This book teaches us how we can grow our dreams further by taking small steps and moving slowly. It teaches us how we can get our work out by fooling our brains. How can we make our brain cells work properly?


If we think that we have to get up early tomorrow. But the next day we can’t get up. But start making our brains work slowly. And if we try for a few days, we will start getting up early in a few days. Some day there will be trouble, but we will slowly get up early in the morning.


If we have to do something big. And if we order the brain to do that work, it will not do it. But if we start the same work a little every day, then our work will be done.

RESEARCH:- Every human uses 10% of their brain but nowadays it has been reduced to only 2%. 


This is the story of 6 people. Those who are blind. One day they are going the way. So an elephant stands before them. After which, he gets his hands. And give their own opinion. As follows

1. The first blind hands the elephant’s ears, and says that the elephant resembles a thick blanket.

2. The second blind hands his teeth and says that the elephant is a sharp animal.

3. The third blind hands his foot and say that it looks like the trunk of a tree.

4. The fourth blind hands his stomach and says that it looks like a wall.

5. The fifth blind hands the elephant’s tail and says that it looks like a rope.

6. The sixth blind hands over his head and says that it looks like a rock.



Everyone has their ideas in this story. And everyone is right with his words. Because everyone has given their views of a different place. Similarly, there are many types of people in the world. And everyone has their own opinion. If seen, it is also correct. Because this is his opinion on some particular place.


Motivation is a good thing. And we all should have it too. Motivation is very important to do any work. This will help us move forward. But we get fate in most of the things that we do not need. Like taking a vacation to do something.

In a way, Motivation is not enough to create your good habits. We start some work with some motivation. But after a few days, that desire to work decreases. Motivation can help us in doing any work till a time.

We should increase our afford with repetition in such situations. So that our work can be done in the right way and also at the right time. We have to focus more on those things which are more beneficial for us.


To make a big company big, it is always necessary to start with small affords. Only then will that company become big one day. Every employee who is working in it will need to apply it. These small affords can make a company bigger.


Start every big task with a small affinity and include your repetition in it so that the work can be done correctly.


Will power helps every human being to move forward, we can count on our willpower. We have to increase our mini habits and we have to do every work with the Confidant, then we will be able to trust ourselves more.

We have to start from zero to increase our willpower. Which will gradually get used to those works and it will take a mind to do those works. With which we can make ourselves even better.


  1. Always we can get big things from our mini habits, this is an easy way to get success.
  2. Mini Habits teach you to trust yourself.
  3. We can start our mini habits from 2-3 minutes.
  4. Do not forget to reward yourself after achieving mini habits.


· A destructive habit to have is believing that you have to be motivated to act.

· Any small behavior becomes a habit, it matters. A lot.

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  1. Sreerenjini says:

    This novel had motivates me a lot as well as its help us to change the negative life style into positive one…😇

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