Life is what you make it written by Preeti Shenoy. This book is the best-selling of all time in India in 2011. This story is based on Ankita’s life hope, desire, and her small world. A story of love, hope, and determination can overcome density as well. The story begins with Ankita’s college days.

The story revolves around Ankita’s relationship with Vaibhav and Abhishek(Abhi). She gets into school and starts working hard, She is very competitive in nature. The main story begins after St. Agenes college. That is a turning point in her life.


Ankita was a smart intelligent and beautiful-looking girl. Which has many friends. She falls in love with Abhi during the last days of school. Both started to like each other.

When Ankita gets passed the exam. Which she has to go to Mumbai for further studies. When Ankita tells Abhi this, he gets angry. Abhi takes Ankita to a place and says that we get married. But Ankita does not agree with this. Now he gets even angrier and both of them leave after some time.

life is what you make it


Ankita was never able to see him after that day because on the second day she comes to know that he has died due to a road accident and her body is found in the nearby river. Ankita gets to know about this from her parents, who have appeared in the news.


After a few days, Ankita comes to Mumbai for her studies. Where she gets a new atmosphere. But she does not forget the things that are Abhi gives her, she still keeps them.

Now after a few days, Ankita gets combine up soon in the new environment, she likes this atmosphere very much, she gives all her attention in studies. Which leads her to overtake the rest of the class. He makes a lot of new friends here. Joseph is one of them. Ankita almost forgets her old life.


One day when Ankita’s parents clean her room, they get the letter that they have just given. They tell Ankita the letters and asks about them. But she didn’t say anything about this

Her parents get very angry and burn those letters in front of Ankita.

Ankita gets shocked after this incident. Because those letters are very important to her, she tries to extinguish those letters by seeing them burning, but they are completely burnt.

Ankita is very disturbed by this thing, she is not able to get out of this shock herself for several days. She gets bipolar disease due to mantle stress.


Ankita’s parents now start getting upset. Because after burning those letters, she has attempted suicide twice. And once, at the end of time, his father saves him from falling from the roof of his house.

Then both of them are surprised to see each other and cannot speak anything. They hug each other and start crying.


Ankita’s parents then take her to the mental hospital. Where she is not able to write and read for a few days. Some days she had to be under the doctor’s supervision.

Some days are passed like this when one day the nurse brings him a book to read something.


After a few days, Ankita gets well after regular treatment and her memory becomes the same as before. Now she returns to her home with her parents.

QUOTE from life is what you make it:-

  • Never belittle Love.
  • Physical pain is far easier to better than mental agony.

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