Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life

The Ikigai book tells the secret to longevity, well-being, and living life. The word Ikigai is a Japanese word that means “meaningful life”.

Author:- Hector Garcia.


The Authors want to know what is the secret of a happy life and living the longest fulfilling life and finally. They got that secret and that secret reached the rest of the people in the form of a book.

Little things make you longevity:- Ikigai 

The secret to longevity: –

When the author discovered people who live longer, they found the island of Okinawa in Japan. Now they have to find out the secret that the people knew there.

  1. The people of Japan never retire, they keep doing some work all their life. If someone does not have any, then they always help others. This is the secret of the long life of those people. Therefore, the people of Japan never retire in life.

2. People here always grow vegetables at home and say they do not eat anything made outside. People here always drink green tea which they grow.

3.The people of Okinawa get up early in the morning and find their Ikigai and many of them already know their Ikigai.


  1. People here do not have a disease like a heart attack.
  2. What is available in the blood due to which the aging process occurs. Its quantity is very less in these people.
  3. Alzheimer’s disease is very rare.

The way to live the life of these people is so effective and pleasing that the people of other countries cannot even imagine it.

When the writer discovered the longevity of people, he found many people and islands where people of long life worth.

1. Okinawa, Japan (South Zone): – People here grow many vegetables and eat.

2. sardinea, Italy (locality of Nevra and oglyestra): – People here eat vegetables in large quantities and drink wine.

3. Loma Linda, California

4. The Nikoa peninsula, Costa Rika:- People here find their Ikigai even after 90 years.

5. Ekaria grease, Turki:- The lifestyle which has been going on since 500 B.C. is used.


People here are very sociable. He is always doing some work. People here do not live under much stress. The people here always spend time helping others and neighbors as it is theirs.

But people on the island always start their day with exercise. Here, instead of using the vehicles, always prefer walking on foot.

The secret of 60%

When you go to Japan, you are given food on five different plates. When you see it, then you feel that your stomach will be full. But this does not happen. After eating the entire meal you feel that your stomach is still empty.

People here always believe that when your stomach is a little empty then you should stop eating by which your digestion will be corrected.


If you know that you have to run in one direction and there is a board in front. When you reach that board you will die.

If we put that board in the hands of a rabbit, when you move forward a year and the rabbit moves forward half a year, then you will still be the death.

What will happen if Rabbit and you both move forward one year. You will be able to get a long life.


Stressful life affects our long life. High stress causes hormonal changes in our body and reduces our lifespan.

What kind of stress is right for us: –

Excess stress is harmful to our age and body. But it should not be in our body at all, it is also not right. Less stress in our body proves beneficial for us. Which balances our hormones. If we are more stressed then by meditating we can work our stress.

We have got used to thinking on thoughts, due to which we are stuck in a circular area.

There are some things we need to change:-

1. Always walk for 20 minutes. If there is time, more work will go on.

2. Don’t eat junk in a high amount.

3. Get the right sleep Slept early and woke up early in the morning.

4. Always do exercise.

5. Always spend time with animals or small children.

If we start with these small things then we can start living longer.


When the research was conducted on the island of Okinawa at Eshiva University, then two things were found out that are found in these people.

1. Positive attitude.

2. Emotionally competent.


When the author deepened his research, he came to know that through therapy we can know the secret of long life.

LOGOTHERAPY(how to find a purpose in a life):-

Logotherapy is rarely used in now day. Even many people do not know about it. With this therapy, finding the purpose of your life. This therapy is over when you find your purpose.

Viktor e. Frankl used this therapy very well and helped him get out of the torture camp because of this therapy. Then helped him to understand the people properly and find his purpose.

Victor E. Frankl also used to come for some therapy, then his first question was that

“Why haven’t you committed suicide yet”

When this question took time to find answers, then it got its purpose.


When Frankl researched people who had come to him for therapy. 90% of those people believed that they had some purpose to live and 60% believed that they are ready to die for that thing.

2nd Therapy:- MORITA THERAPY 

Morito therapy began to spread after the end of Logotherapy gradually. This therapy also helps you find a new purpose in your life.

Morito therapy lasts for 15–21 days, in which 6 stages have to be crossed.

1. Staying apart and relaxing: – This is the first step. For this, you are kept away from an empty room for 5-6 days, you are kept away from every comfort.

That patient gets very upset in a few days and thinks of doing something, then he is sent to the next step.

2. Light vocational training: – This is the second stage of therapy. For this, 5-8 days are given a lot of work. Whatever you like, no one is allowed to talk to you.

3. Occupational Therapy: – This is the 3rd important stage of therapy. In this the patient is taken to the mountain and is given the thought of cutting trees, in this, permission is allowed to talk with other patients.

4.Social and real-world: – Here is the last stage of therapy. In this the patient is sent back to the real world.

3rd Therapy: – Naikan Meditation System

In this, a patient is focused on 3 things.

1. What have I received from a human being?

2. What have I given to that person?

3. Why did that person hurt me?

In therapy, one is always made aware of his responsibilities, it is said that if you are angry, then get angry on the front after three days.

Flow search:-

To always go downstream, we must find things that we like. It is important to search for things we like to constantly flow.

7 steps to stay in the flow: –

When some scientists at the Oven Shafer Deaf University discovered it. Then they came to know some things which are necessary for continuous work.

  1. It is necessary to know what to do.

2. Should know how to do it.

3. Be aware of how well we can do this work.

4. Must know where to go

5. Knowing what is the choice in front.

6. The Knowing which skills are required.

7. don’t get upset.

Always work a little harder to work continuously. Because there should be a little trouble in every work, which will make you a little nervous. This is a simple way to stay in inflow. Make some rules and goals for your work and keep them until your work is done.

Every work has its own rules and we have to do that work based on those rules.

One should always concentrate on one place to work continuously and for a long time.

Some Habits that we can change by increasing our concentration.

 1. Did not watch TV & mobiles before sleeping and after getting up in the morning.

2. Go to a cafe where there is no wifi.

3. Do not remain active on social media.

4. When you feel like your attention is wandering, then focus on the present.

The first word that is taught when teaching the Japanese language is “Gambaru”. It means to continue working continuously while completing a task.

Steve Jobs to Japan:-

Steve Jobs loved Japanese lifestyle. The way people have always done this, they have responded to the ways. ”Sakunaga” gave a set of 12 cups when Steve was in Japan.

When Steve Jobs saw the set from this cup, he became obsessed with its Artists.

When Steve discovers why this artwork is so unique. They came to know that it was made by hand and the stone used in making such is found at a distance of eight kilometer.


People here who do hand Artists always wake up early in the morning and go to get their goods first and this is the beginning of their day. When Steve Jobs praised this work, the artist became happy with his work and said that person made a mobile, praising my work.

People of Japan are always working alone. This helps them in the flow of their work.

The people of the island of Okinawa follow a particular religion. There is a raised temple here which is made of stones. People here believe that these souls accumulate.

Ryukyu is the name of the group of islands of Okinawa and Shinto means the path leading to God.

Ikigai food culture

When he was surveyed by the World Health Organization, he came to know that the age of people here is the highest.


1. People here eat more vegetables. It is an important part of long life. It has 20 different types of spices and many spices. They make these spices themselves.

2. At least 5 different types of fruits are eaten here during the day.

3. Sugar is eaten here in very small quantities only sugarcane made from sugarcane is used.

4. Fish is eaten here three times in one week.

5. Salt is used in very small quantities, even the least salt is eaten here in the country.

6. The people of Japan say only 2069 calories whereas the people of Okinawa eat only 1795 calories.

Important food of Okinawa people:-








The secret of Green Tea of Okinawa: –

People here believe that there is a secret hidden in green tea that prolongs your age.

Benefits of green tea:-

1. Cholesterol remains under control.

2. The amount of blood sugar decreases.

3. Bleeding occurs quickly.

4. Flu gets protection.

5. Bone beacame strong.

4. Some bacteria are protected from attack.

4. There is no loss due to UV rays.

4. There is purity in the body and the function of the ureters improves.


People of Okinawa island start the morning with yoga. People here always do easy yoga. Because Yoga is an important part of theirs power.


  1. He should get exercise to keep the mind always agitated and functioning.
  2. Meditation is one way to reach the latency of alertness.
  3. Science has proved that sleep is the most effective means to stay young.
  4. When life is something we have to achieve, we do not like to live a dull life, on the contrary, we like a life full of challenges.
  5. Whatever you like, others find it painful.
  6. Even in the work of reading, we have to follow the discipline.
  7. People who get more things are not happy, but those who spend more time in the flow are happier.

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