I Still Love You book is written by Joyita Basak. This book is for those people who like to read both motive and romance books. This book tells that if you have made your intention to fulfill your dreams, then in which way Destiny helps you to fulfill your dreams.

[This summary is written at the behest of Joyita Basak. First of all, I want to thank her that because of her I got a chance to read a book.]


The first hero of this book is Armaan. Which grows up in New York’s most common family. He has no shortage of pesos, yet he finds his new dreams new paths and wants to follow them.

On the other side is Indu Rai, who is the second hero of the book. Who does not have money, But his dreams are big. She wants to do a lot in her life.

So let’s see how the dreams of these two are fulfilled and how they meet. And how do they meet each other?


ARMAAN = Son of businessman & 1st hero

INDU = A simple girl from Charanpur village & 2nd hero

KABIR = Armaan’s childhood friend

ISHAN = Indu’s friend


Armaan’s father wanted him to hold his business meeting. But he did not want all this. He wanted to establish his own identity. So he decided to study literature and completed college. His father was against it so, he did not support Armaan. So she decided to leave the house and leave the house to make her career.

When he reached the airport, he found his friend Kabir. He suddenly grieved upon seeing it. But he reacts normally. Kabir also worked in the same field in which Armaan wanted to make his career. Now Armaan agreed to work with him. And both started on a new journey.


Now after, doing an internship for three months in London, Armaan is made a team of 12-13 people under the supervision of Kabir. And they are sent to work in Charanpur village for one year.

Now Armaan likes this village at first, but in a few days, he gets upset with this work. And he finally decides to return. He talks to Kabir about this and leaves for the airport. When he is on his way to the airport, he sees a point. And he falls in love with her after seeing her. He then changes his decision to return.


Indus grew up in a poor family. Despite being in a small village like Charanpur, his dreams are big. She wants to do something in her life.

Indu’s father is a farmer whose health gradually deteriorates. And after a few days, due to lack of proper treatment, they are redeemed. Now all the responsibility of the house falls on the point. She works with children, and despite working all day, she focuses on her career Because she wants to make a doctor and help people.

When Indu and Armaan go back to New York

A day both decide that they will get married. They get married and leave for New York. When he reaches Armaan’s house, his father refuses to adopt Indus. They don’t like her.


In a few days, one year of their marriage ends. And both of them are happy about the anniversary and plan to go missing out. They enjoy their day completely, and when they are going home in the evening, their car becomes an accident.

There is a lot of injury to the lower part of Indu’s body. And on the other hand, Armaan’s head gets hurt. With which he goes into a coma. Both are taken to the hospital. After a few days, the point gets fixed. But Armaan is still in a coma.

After Indu is cured, Armaan’s father tells him very well. Because of which she leaves home and leaves. And from here, another new journey begins.


When Armaan regains consciousness after a few days. He then asks about Indu. Then his parents tell him that the point was dead on the day of the accident. He is very sad to hear this. And the mind starts to feel sad. This goes on for some years when Nisha did not come into her life.


Some years pass like this, yet he is not able to forget the point. But Armaan’s parents on the other hand force him to marry another. He did not want to get married again, yet he meets Nisha because of his family’s forgery.

Nisha was raised in a high profile but still preferred to live simply. Armaan likes this thing very much, and he agrees to the wedding. They get married a few days later. Armaan also starts liking Nisha. 6 years pass while doing this, and now Nisha, is going to become a mother. Due to this both of them are very happy.


After leaving her house, Indus forgets the old things and gets ready to become capable. She gives tuitions to the children with which she makes a living. Indu dreams of fulfilling her old dream back and sets out to fulfill it.

In the meantime, he meets Ishaan. Indu tells about her dream of becoming a doctor. Now Ishaan also tries to get him a seat on the scholarship in medicine, and he also succeeds in it. And he also succeeds in it. And now, Indu gets ready for her studies with complete preparation, and after six-year, she has an MD degree.


When Armaan goes to the hospital to get Nisha checked. He then remains mourned upon seeing the doctor. Because she is nobody else’s point. He mourns to see how he is alive. Then he realizes that his parents lied to him. Indus also sees Armaan and Nisha together and understands that all this has happened due to his parents.

Both come to know the truth, but both of them love seeing each other again after so many years. Both accept their destiny and new life. A few days pass like this, and one morning a letter is received, and she understands who has written it.

                ”I STILL LOVE YOU”


  • A new life started with new dreams a new journey towards self dream started with hopes.
  • If you compare your life with someone else you will never achieve peace.
  • A conceptualizing a theory of superior power.
  • Fulfilling the dreams of a bucket list.
  • someone special is going to provide me gratitude.
  • I wished to pursue my dreams of hearts.
  • I could give you a chance to trace your dreams.
  • failure is acceptable, every single person fails, you know what’s not acceptable, not trying.
  • India is the only country with millions of histories and mainly underprivileged people.


Joyita Basak is the blogger behind itsmycopyright.com. She is currently working for Production Houses in Bollywood and Tollywood industries. Fashion designer, influencer, and blogger, she has maintained to follow her passion in between her study curriculum. She has her painting gallery online. Painting is one of her inspirations to stay elated. She has been working as a content material author for numerous magazines she contributes month to month articles for Art Observer Magazine. Associated with AKLF and ABSU, she maintains to observe her goals gracefully.

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