EGO IS THE ENEMY By Ryan holiday

EGO IS THE ENEMY Book that encourages you to move forward with positive thinking so that you can remain confident without any ego.

EGO IS THE ENEMY book tells you that the great people of the world trust their confidence and not their ego. That is why they are always moving forward. And always do something new because they do their work without any ego. We talk about something similar in this book that will help us to focus on our work



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Some of the best things given in this book:-


By speaking more and thinking more, you are wasting your energy. Before we do any work, we waste our energy.

How come we understand this…..

Thinking more makes your brain think of an imaginary scene. And then you mold yourself accordingly. You think all the people are talking about you. But the reality is different.

An example given by the Author:-

When a student does not go to the school for 6 days because the drink fell on his paint. And he feels that everyone will be laughing at him.
But the next day nothing like this happens. Because no one even remembers what happened the previous day.
But the student created an imaginary idea in his mind and his ego refused to let him go to school. Due to which he did his own harm


  • Always keep your confidence ahead so that you don’t even care about the ego.
  • Confidence only helps to advance you.
  • Always be a student and keep learning.

Tennessee Williams wrote:-

Nobody sees anyone actually however all by way of the flaw of their very own egos. That is the best way all of us see one another in life.


  1. The way in which our strength increases by adding success, our ego will also increase. But we always have to remember that our work is the first and why we have been doing this.
  2. When we reduce our ego before starting any work. This will increase the power to think about our success, then our brain will work in one direction.

The Author says that when an entrepreneur is asked in a company, what are you going to do for this company.

He says that he is going to change this company with his work. And it is also right that he should do it.

But in the true sense, big success is achieved only by taking small steps in the beginning.

Ego is the enemy


  • Always keep your dream big but start with small steps to achieve it.
  • Always a small beginning can lead you to a big achievement.
  • Think big and keep identity small.

Even if you are on a big post, do not give full introduction and tell you a minor identity. Which will not increase your ego and you will become closer to your success.

  • Stay humble even after success.

It is common to fall into a job. But what do we do after that. Our success depends on this matter.

Short stories:-(DETROIT RED)

This boy was imprisoned for ten years. He was charged with theft, smuggling, and supplying weapons. His exit from jail was almost impossible. Now he thought of using this time and he started to read a book from the jail library. After some years Detroit read so many books and wrote a dictionary.


There are always two ways in life. One good other is bad. We have to choose where we want to be. Detroit Red could have wasted his time like the rest of the prisoner, but he didn’t. He started learning. And later Detroit also fought for all human rights.

”If a person has talent, then only he cannot move forward. He will have to start with a small step. And your ego has to be kept away from your hard work. Only then you can move closer to your destination”.

Some things great people have said:-

  • Confidence without humility brings arrogance:- Shiv Khera
  • You can not build a reputation on what you’re going to do:- Henry Ford


  • It can spoil your life provided that it ruins your character.
  • People study from their failures. Seldom do they study something from success?
  • Impressing individuals is totally completely different from being actually spectacular.

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