1% Solution for Work and Life by Tom Connellan

The 1% Solution Book tells you about the barricades we never thought of. This book gives us tips to make the best in our business, job, and life.

Ken is a prime part of this book, the beginning of this book starts from his house. Nothing was going well in Ken’s house. He and his wife always used to fight among themselves, and there was no progress in their children too. He was always worried about his work and his problems and he did not understand how to solve all these problems.

Author:- Tom Connellan

1% solution summary

One day, Kane goes to his child’s school where a football match is going on. He realizes after a while that there is something different in the team this time. This team was playing even better than ever. Kane finds it strange to see how this team has changed so much.

From here, Ken’s life changes completely, and he starts a new journey. He meets the football coach there. The name of those thinking is Jack, and he was the first to discover a 1% solution.

Story of Jack

When Jack was watching a football match on TV in his house one day, the team he was supporting loses. But then Jack finds something strange and calculates the time for the losing team.

When they do this, they find that your chance of winning is less than 1% and that 1% determines your win and lose.

When Jack calculates wins and losses in a few more matches, in the same way, he realizes you have less than a 1% chance of winning and losing, and that’s where the 1% formula started.

A few days later, Jack added some more team members, and the same hope was seen in Kane also. So he also adds Ken to his group.


Jim was a businessman, and he loves to play golf. So when Jim had time, he used to play golf. Jim and Ken’s first meeting also took place on the golf ground. When Ken meets Jim for the first time, he talks about his past.

Then Jim teaches them some new things, which are as follows:-

  1. Difference Between Extraordinary and Ordinarily Extraordinary -1%.
  2. Not everyone can be better, but you can become 1% better at hundreds of things.
  3. We can’t win all the time, but if we do anything better today than the previous day we will always have the heart of a winner.
  4. Not everyone can become great, but he can almost become a little better than he is now.
  5. Aim to be not the fastest, tallest, most powerful, but faster, higher, more powerful.

These were some of the crucial things Jim taught Ken, and Ken wrote them down correctly in his notebook. But still, Ken could not understand where to start

Then Jim says that you start with one most important work and if you are not able to give your entire contribution in any tasks, then first take inspiration of work and then start your work.

How to make yourself more powerful

Ken started following Jim’s words. Now he had to meet another member of this journey after a few days. Whose name was Pet and she was a teacher.

Pet first saw Ken’s notes and wanted to see what Ken had learned so far. Pet took a good look at Kane’s notes and asked him to add some lines, which are as follows.

  1. The best way to increase motivation is to change your work.
  2. The more I do any work, the more I will be motivated to do it.
  3. The way to get started works even if it’s a small task.
  4. My Goals Should Be Clear.
  5. I should choose a task. One who helps me achieve my goals, and then I should become proficient in them.

After talking for a while, Ken was now getting things right. Pet was a physics professor, so she explained to Kane in her way.

  1. Pet first explained Newton’s first law to Kane that anything stays in motion when you bring it moving or else it will remain unmoved the same way. In the same way, if we lead our work in motion then it will constantly in motion. If we leave then it will become unstable.
  1. Whatever work you are doing, fair start it small, and when you look back at a time, you will know that the work with which you started is getting crucial results.

20/80 law

Always 20% of the work is necessary for our success. Focus only on 20% of the work that is crucial to you, and the rest 80% of the work does not take us anywhere. So either give the task to someone else to do or leave it.

By doing this, you will get the time, and you will be able to do that one thing very well, which is more influential or is very important for your success.


Now Kane had to meet Bob so he revisited his notes, and he wrote them down. Ken knew that Bob would ask him what he had learned so far.

It had been nine months since this journey began, and Ken felt good that he was no longer the same. Now his life was changing.

Bob loved to travel by boat so Bob and Ken’s meeting begins with a boat trip. Now he sees them in his notes and adds something new to them which is as follows

  1. If you want to become an expert in some work then you have to practice 10000 hours.
  2. Thoughtful practice, in particular, improves performance.
  3. It is not enjoyable, it is difficult, sometimes it can be very difficult.
  4. Refresh your negative beliefs to achieve your goals.
  5. Don’t let slipping turn into fall.

Ken does not know what to do after hearing this, but he writes everything down in his notebook. He didn’t like it when Bob told him about 10,000 hours. He wondered how this could happen and how we could therefore begin.

Beginning of 10000 hours

First of all, you have to know the secret of 30 days that how to start a long journey. Let us first think of 30 days’ work and start doing it. When we keep our work time for 30 days then it will become a habit. with this, we can start 10000 hours.

When Ken heard this, he did not like it. So he stopped this journey and thought that how can a person work for so many hours. So he didn’t go to meet the new member of a 1% solution.


When Ken heard this, he did not like it. So he stopped this journey and thought that how can a person work for so many hours. So he didn’t go to meet the new member of a 1% solution.

When Jim came to know about this, he became angry with Ken. Jim said that he cannot leave this journey in the middle like this, so you go to meet the new member tomorrow only.

Now Ken resumes his journey with Jim’s talk and gets ready to meet the last member of this team.


Jeff was the quietest person on the 1% solution. He was a former Olympic triathlete who had quit the Olympics after the operation and started teaching others how to be good athletes.

Jeff and Ken meet near the mountains. Where Ken has to climb a mountain. When he climbs that mountain, he is relieved. After this Jeff asks what has learned now.

Then Ken looks at his notebook and tells his story, and now Jeff gets Ken to add some new things which are as follows.

  1. Make a daily timetable with periods of concentrated effort and planned recovery.
  2. Do not work with concentration for more than 90 minutes and keep a rest interval between two sessions.
  3. Exercise every week for 20 minutes with short rest intervals.
    4.Take chanting for 10 to 30 minutes at night.
  4. Get at least eight sleep at night.
  5. have a regular vacation.

After explaining the things to Ken, both of them come down from the mountain with a footpath nearby. When Ken asked why we climbed the mountain despite the trail. Then Jeff says that you would be relaxed and you would have understood from all my words.


Ken’s journey comes to an end after meeting Jeff. Jim then calls all those members and congratulates Ken. After Ken’s journey, his life changes completely.


  1. There is no point in doing things well which you should not like at all.
  2. When you were born, you had no beliefs or opinions.
  3. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get better or that I doubt your ability to be better.
  4. It doesn’t matter who you are sometimes it just means hard work.
  5. You can’t start the journey from where someone else is standing in front of You can’t start from where you think you’ll reach. 

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